How can I create added value for my company with smart, connected products?

Despite smart technology becoming increasingly accessible, taking the step towards smart, connected products represents unknown territory for many SMEs. How do I get started? What added value can I create? What will the impact be on my products? Sirris can help you here!

Recent developments with connectivity, low consumption and cloud applications are offering a whole range of opportunities for adding functionality and services to products. Forerunners are already taking advantage of this, but for many SMEs this step is simply too big to take. In view of this, Sirris has set up a European Cornet Project in collaboration with Fraunhofer IEM. The aim of the project is to support SMEs at an early stage of product development and take the step towards smarter products. We want to help companies devise specific strategies using a starter kit that allows them to experiment and work with different demonstrators. This will help them identify opportunities, as well as determining smart production strategies and removing barriers to designing their own smart products.

Sirris will work with user groups during the project that consist of producers of (electrical) engineering products, (industrial) equipment and machinery for example. These companies will help steer the project and also are given direct access to the project results.

Do you want to find out more about the potential of smart technologies and connectivity for your products? Are you struggling to convert smart product concepts into technological options? Contact us now and together we’ll take a look at what the project could mean for your company.