How and why you should protect steel structures against corrosion

It has emerged from a recent survey that corrosion and protection against corrosion are important issues for many organisations and building companies. Therefore Sirris, BIL and VOM have organised an afternoon workshop titled, ‘Protecting steel structures against corrosion’, that is taking place on 26 October’. BIL’s contribution goes into greater detail of why protection is necessary.

During the afternoon workshop that takes place within the scope of the ‘Innovations for metal construction companies’ (InnovoM), Jens Conderaerts from the Belgian Institute of Welding Technology (BIL) will be talking about why corrosion protection is needed in steel structures.

Protecting steel structures against corrosion is necessary for ensuring that the functionality of the system is retained over the long-term. In order to obtain a better understanding of corrosion protection the most significant corrosion phenomena in steel structures will be discussed. Therefore atmospheric corrosion will be the main topic, although other forms of corrosion will also be discussed. With carbon steel currently being used most often for building structures, the focus will be on steel corrosion. Although corrosion problems affecting stainless steel and aluminium will also be discussed briefly.

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