Highlights of the Motek trade fair

flexibele automatisering

The 2017 edition of Motek, one of the key trade fairs for the automation of production and assembly, could once again count on significant interest and thousands of visitors. Sirris travelled to Stuttgart to take a look for the Belgian industry.

Evolutions and future scenarios were explained at numerous presentations and forums, which took place in addition to the classical trade fair activities.

The progressive digitisation in production towards the future image of Industry 4.0 is strongly associated with the integration of robots and automation solutions. Just this integrability of different technologies in a value chain was central to the ‘arena of integration in 2017’: an integrated value chain was demonstrated here, on the basis of a personalised product.

Robots play an increasingly important role in production and assembly automation, in addition to the automation of material feed and removal. According to 'VDMA Robotik und Automation', the three segments of robotics, - integrated systems and machine vision - will also continue to grow in the coming years. A 7 percent growth rate was again predicted in these domains in 2017.

VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure et seq.) focuses on improving the understanding and acceptance of digitized production, as well as indicating the potential for deployment and added value for SMEs.

At any rate, it was clear that German industry continues the way to digitally integrated production and that lightweight robots are becoming a familiar image in production and assembly.

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