High performance cutters minimise machining time

A new range of high-performance roughing and milling cutters for aluminium-processing industries helps to reduce scrap and minimise machining times.

Mapal has recently launched Optimill-SPM, a new range of high-performance roughing and milling cutters for the structural machining of aluminium parts. These cutters have been developed with the demanding requirements of the aerospace and other aluminium-processing industries in mind. Frame elements and wing parts are frequently milled from solid material and often more than 90% of the raw material has to be removed. Mapal says that its new PCD milling cutters have a cutting-edge length that corresponds to around 60% of their diameter, which represents the maximum contact depth for high-performance milling in these applications. The new tools help to reduce scrap and minimise machining times.

In Optimill-SPM tools, the PCD blades are optimally embedded and balanced vertically, guaranteeing a high level of stability and minimising the risk of vibration, Mapal claims. Also, with their high, positive cutting-edge geometry and optimised chip handling, the cutting force is reduced by up to 15% compared with conventional tools. Furthermore, bending of the tool during the machining process is prevented by the cutter’s conical design, providing the clearance that is created between the wall of the part and the milling cutter shank. According to the supplier, the new milling cutters are being used successfully in practice.

Application example

A 32 mm-diameter Optimill-SPM tool with three cutting edges is currently being used to machine a frame element from AlZnMgCu 1,5 with a spindle speed of 28,000 rpm. The tool delivers excellent results with feed speeds of 16,800 mm/min and a cutting depth of 12 mm, Mapal claims. The machining parameters for this application have been increased even further in tests conducted at the company's development centre, where the milling cutter delivered outstanding performance even at a feed speed of 22,000 mm/min. The Optimill-SPM tools are available in both PCD and solid carbide versions with diameters ranging from 6 mm to 50 mm.

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