Herlou Groep develops ergonomic PVC window profile handling tool

Herlou Groep, based in Limburg, assists joiners, builders and fitters with bulk purchases of PVC windows and also offers consultancy and arbitration services. It turned to Sirris with sketch plans for a new tool designed to facilitate and enhance the lifting and moving of PVC window profiles.

PVC window profiles are usually handled manually and with traditional tools such as lashing straps, which is ergonomically inefficient. Therefore a lot of stooping, kneeling or leaning is often required, a downright assault on the safety and physical well-being of the fitters. Manual handling also leaves grease marks on the PVC. To optimise the handling of window profiles, the Koersel-based company decided to design a new tool.

Based on the initial sketches, the Sirris team came up with various concepts taking detailed account of specifications such as mass and clamping force. 3D designs and two prototypes of the new concept were produced to determine the viability of the invention. These were then thoroughly tested on existing window profiles.

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