Hands-on workshop brings cobot integration to your SME

The possibilities with cobots are endless, but where do you start in practice? In the course of a hands-on workshop on collaborative robots (cobots), Sirris advisers will guide the participants through the first steps of a practical assignment. (language = Dutch).

In recent years a new generation of robots, called “collaborative robots” or simply “cobots”, have started to appear in various industrial sectors. The fact that they lower the threshold for automation makes them attractive to SMEs. Cobots allow production to be automated in a flexible way. But is it really “plug and produce”, as some manufacturers claim? 

Come to the hands-on workshop that Sirris will be organising on 10 November in its laboratory in Diepenbeek and find out for yourself! The participants will be able to see for themselves what the problems and opportunities are. They will get a first insight into what integrating a cobot involves. Participants will also be given a guideline afterwards that will help them when they actually get started in their own companies. 

Workshop topics 

Introduction to cobots

What are they? Which cobots already exist? How do they compare to industrial robots? What applications are they best suited to? What about safety? 


An end-effector is fitted to the end of the robot arm so the cobot can pick up an object. What types are there and what do you have to look for? 

Seeing or touching?

Do you use a camera system or the existing force and torque sensors in the cobot to locate the objects? 

Introduction and removal

What is very important, and is often the critical factor, is the way the objects are presented to the cobot. How is this done? And how should the objects be removed? How accurately do the positions need to be known? 


The cobot needs to communicate with the external components to perform the task. How do you set up this communication? What types are frequently used? 

To safeguard the quality of our workshop, we limit the number of participants to 12.  This workshop is primarily aimed at companies that are considering flexible automation on the factory floor by using a cobot. These companies therefore have priority in enrolment.

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If you are not able to attend the workshop on 10 November, then you can register for 24 January 2017, on which we are organizing a similar workshop at Kortrijk. You can register here for the workshop at Kortrijk.