Growing productivity and ecology at TE Connectivity

Since 4 February Belgium has seven more factories of the future: Biobakkerij De Trog, E.D.&A., JTEKT Torsen Europe, Ontex, Punch Powertrain, TE Connectivity and Van Hoecke NV were granted this label as a show of appreciation for their efforts. These companies have invested in state-of-the-art production technology, digitalisation, social innovation and ecology which now makes them top-of-the-range companies. We will discuss these remarkable companies one by one.

This time no less than seven companies have reached the status of ‘Factory of the Future’ after an assessment period. One of them is TE Connectivity. This multinational mainly produces connectors for the automotive industry in its branch in Oostkamp. In order to be able to grow in the future TE Connectivity mainly invests in the efficient design and production of special products on the basis of knowledge and state-of-the art mechatronics. Production line optimisation, growth in production and productivity, ecological improvements are key.

The plant employs about 700 people, this figure has remained stable despite a moderate production growth and successive productivity rises. Average turnaround times were halved in the past four years. Processes monitor themselves and are adjusted if necessary, which resulted in a reduction of the manual interventions. Despite the growth the energy and material consumption decreased.

The details of how TE Connectivity did this are available on the website of Made Different.

In the context of Made Different Sirris and Agoria are currently coaching more than 200 other companies in their transformation to a Factory of the Future. One or more transformations are ongoing at these companies as we speak. These companies operate in a wide range of industries: technological industry, food, textile, paper, pharmaceuticals, transport, chemistry, leather, furniture, medical, construction... It involves SMEs (66%) and large undertakings (34%) spread over all Flemish provinces. Sirris and Agoria estimate that about 50 companies will have acquired the ‘Factory of the Future’ label by 2018. During this period about 500 companies will be addressed and coached in realising one or more transformations (while 50 Factories of the Future excel in all seven transformations).