Great interest shown at the opening of the new Smart Coating Laboratory installation

Sirris presented to the public its brand new infrastructure for smart coating on 12 April: the Smart Coating Application Laboratory in Diepenbeek now disposes of a spray booth with a teach-by-demonstration robot. Laboratory experts gave the 150 visitors live demonstrations of the various robot functionalities.  

Over the last few years Sirris has acquired a lot of knowledge about wet chemical coatings. We are therefore now able to support companies in giving products added value thanks to functional coatings. This means that new functionalities can be added such as scratch and wear resistance, low frictional coefficients, antimicrobial properties, etc. 

Lowering the threshold for smart coating

In order to make smart coating more accessible to companies in general, and SMEs in particular, Sirris invested €400,000 in a new spray booth and robot at the Smart Coating Application Laboratory in Diepenbeek. The robot has a learning-by-demonstration functionality. This means that it requires only the minimum of programming. It simply imitates the movements of the operator.

New infrastructure fully operational

We presented this state-of-the-art installation to the public on 12 April. All 150 visitors had a front row view of the complete coating process. The laboratory experts gave live demonstrations of the various robot functionalities.

Pioneering technology from the US

Following on from the demonstrations and the guided tour of the laboratory, the US start-up SLIPS presented its pioneering coating technology. SLIPS, which is short for Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surfaces, produces ultra-smooth surfaces that repel all viscous fluids.

SLIPS provides solutions for frequently occurring problems that arise in many industries: plastics that stick to moulds, ice on refrigerator components, bacteria on medical equipment, etc. The presentation was therefore of great interest to all those present.