You and your team are improving your SaaS every day, but how smooth is that process? And what do you know about other SaaS companies' devops and operations structure? Let us know: fill in our survey and discover your position and future opportunities for your SaaS devops!

Christmas and New Year are only a few days away. For me it’s a good moment to take a step back and reflect on what I have been doing over the last few years and what I expect to happen next.

As the number of customers of your SaaS business grows, so does the complexity of billing them. There are numerous solutions to help you solve your billing and payment challenges. Let's have a look at them.

Being paid for your products and services is probably one of the most rewarding things you’ll experience as a SaaS entrepreneur. It means you are building something that customers value so much that they are willing to hand over some of their hard earned money to you. Are you ready to receive this money?

An increasing number of software developers are using the full potential of Software as a Service, or Saas. We will be pleased to help you out with practice-oriented info sessions in the autumn. In order to find out how we can best support you, we launched a poll last month. The most popular topics will definitely be presented.

Would you like to start with the development of Software as a Service or, in short, SaaS? Then you're on the right road as the provision of software on a service basis is on the way up. To help you with your first steps, we’re organising practical information sessions in the autumn.

Software as a Service is rapidly becoming the norm for bringing new software to the market. In our 2-day hands-on course on 14 and 15 April 2016, you will build a SaaS technology stack yourself, using online services and open source tools. You will go home with practical tips, advice and actionable to-do’s they can implement in their own stack within days. Prepare yourself for flexible development and rapid experimentations, without stressing out your developers!

It may seem to be a stretch to assert that LEDs play a truly important role in the future of the Internet of Things. After all, by themselves, they’re just lights. However, with sensors tucked inside and a bit of intelligence added throughout, LEDs are already evolving to be our eyes and ears as the rapidly expanding IoT unfolds before us.

The Antwerp software company Prosteps wants to grow internationally via their SaaS-based retail platform, but does not have the necessary know-how in-house. An external advisory board has been set up together with Peter Verhasselt from Sirris that will provide support over the next two years with the international upscaling of their new SaaS product Tilroy.

Many software companies in Belgium have an established business selling on-premise software, often complemented with customization and/or configuration services. Many of these companies are receiving more and more requests from (new) customers to have the software via an “as a service” model: the software company takes over the responsibility for operating and delivering the software over the internet, charging the customer for usage only.