Functionalities can now be added to surfaces with the laser

Self-lubricating machine components, ice-free turbine blades, self-cleaning mudguards, ... you can increase your competitiveness by giving extra value to your products through surface functionalities. You can do so by providing the surface with a texture, by means of coating or laser texturing. In order to further expand its offer of surface functionalization, Sirris has acquired a high-precision femtosecond laser, unprecedented in the Benelux. From now on, you can also count on us for laser texturing! Come and see for yourself on 13 June!

Sirris already has the required infrastructure for the study and application of functional coating techniques. However, these coatings cannot always be applied. Therefore, we are now completing our offer with a technique that is complementary to coating: laser texturing. The Lasea LS5-1 micromachining centre features a high-precision femtosecond laser that we will use for the study of possible applications with laser texturing, and which will be made available to interested companies.

A femtosecond laser allows very accurate textures to be applied to all kinds of surfaces and this at a low temperature. The application of a femtosecond laser therefore offers some interesting benefits to the industry.

Precision Manufacturing Lab further expands

With the arrival of the Lasea LS5-1 micromachining centre, we are expanding our range of surface and precision technologies to serve you and your products even better. At our Precision Manufacturing Lab in Diepenbeek, a full state-of-the-art infrastructure is available to develop and manufacture products with unique functionalities: the possibilities include ultra-precise, high-gloss, reflective surface pre-treatment by means of precision milling, after which a unique surface functionality can now be added via femtosecond laser textures. Of course, the lab also has the necessary measuring equipment to check both product and texture.

Would you like to find out (more) about this novelty? Come to the official presentation of our femtosecond laser on 13 June and learn all about its properties and possibilities! More info and the registration form for this unique event is available in the agenda