Free white paper: processing hard, brittle materials

Precision manufacturing involves some challenges in terms of machinery, equipment and processes. In our six free white papers we deal with six areas in which our Belgian manufacturing companies can make the difference. Part five concerns cost efficient processing of hard but brittle materials. 

These areas came to light as a result of an extensive survey that Sirris performed amongst Belgian manufacturing companies and their main subcontractors. We devote a free white paper to each topic. Previously published in this series:

  1. Precision components in a very short space of time
  2. High-quality surface finish
  3. Finishing near-net-shape components
  4. New functionalities with surface engineering 

Efficient processing of hard, brittle materials

Hard materials such as ceramics and cemented carbide are very useful in numerous components that are exposed to high mechanical, thermal, and/or thermal stresses. However, these materials are not used as often as they could be as they are not only hard but also brittle. That means that they can break unpredictably. They are therefore slow and expensive to machine. 

But there are innovative solutions in the pipeline. Scientists are actively looking for ways to process brittle materials quickly and cost-effectively. Such as milling with very high precision, thanks to diamond-coated cutting equipment. Or by removing material with electrical discharges or vibrations.

Want to know more about the processing of hard, brittle materials? Then download our fifth free white paper on precision manufacturing.

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