Free white paper: precision manufacturing throughout a complete batch

When developing a prototype you need to leave room for error and process adjustments. But once the model is ready and you make a complete series, this must proceed with great precision if you are to keep the costs under control. In our new white paper we focus on a few hardware and software solutions from Sirris that make all this possible.

To manufacture to high precision, down to 5 microns, you need to exclude as many mistakes as possible in advance. A production simulation can help to achieve this. To do this, we develop a precision model at Sirris. This is a type of roadmap that allows your manufacturing company to identify causes of inaccuracy by way of fixed procedures. 

In addition, it is important to monitor the machines and the behaviour of the materials during the production process itself. In this way, you know exactly when something goes wrong and can make appropriate adjustments in time. Sirris can also help with this. For example, we examine how to monitor the tool wear by monitoring and analysing high frequency sound signals. 

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