Focus on your business, leave your IT infrastructure to the cloud: a round-up - Part 3


Thijs Feryn – Combell: “It’s not so much about ownership, but more about being available.”

According to Thijs Feryn everybody has their own interpretation of what the cloud actually is. Some people see the cloud as the Internet, what he thinks is not that bad, but cloud computing answers more modern needs. This ‘commodity’ has a major advantage: the fact that the cloud offers flexibility and security at the same time. 

Developers use flexible solutions to meet the expectations of users and businesses. Data management has evolved into DevOps, with Development teams as well as Operations Engineers. Key elements in cloud computing in 2014 according to Thijs are automation and integration together with quick development and continuous delivery. Just like Frederik Denkens, Thijs recommends starting with the right mindset and especially talking to developers. Here are a few important tips he has to give: 

  • Think about ease of use and your security and services needs. Are your processes and people ready for the strategy of the provider chosen? If that is not the case, then traditional models could serve your company better than risky strategies.
  • Take a step back and ask yourself which SLAs look good according to your budget and limitations.
  • And again, ensure that your mindset evolves with you. Ownership is no longer that important, as your servers no longer need to be physically in your building. As well, just ‘throwing your applications in the cloud’ is not enough. Decide whether you want flexibility (Software as a Service) or custom solutions (Platform/Infrastructure as a Service). 

Thijs ended his story with a rather bold statement: “I hope the cloud will die a violent death.” This was aimed at the integration of cloud services into the Internet, just like Web 2.0. According to him we will be talking about the cloud just like we do about the Internet and continuous delivery as well as flexible and crash-resistant design will be most normal things in the world.   

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This series of workshops was organised by Sirris and Agoria as a part of the Nebucom project. With this project Sirris, Agoria, LSEC and iMinds helps software companies in Belgium explore the opportunities of IaaS.