Focus on your business, leave your IT infrastructure to the cloud: een round-up - Part 4



Pierre De Landsheere – Stone Internet Service: “The best service is from a local partner, close to the client.”

From the cloud ecosystem that Pierre De Landsheere proposes, it is particularly local businesses that have added value. Large providers assume that due to their cloud software, they offer little custom work. Local providers and hosting companies make the difference with more flexibility and service

There is a noticeable close collaboration between the client, web developer and hosting provider. Everyone contributes some knowledge and also shares responsibility. From planning to coding, the web design company deals with the entire development, while the hosting provider ensures functioning and monitoring. 

Another advantage of local partners pointed out by Pierre were the load tests, where the measurement criteria are determined together beforehand. The tests analyse the user’s behaviour and then the code is improved. This way client is assured of a crash-resistant infrastructure

But according to Pierre the biggest asset of local cloud companies is still their proximity: projects meet the client’s wishes and they can contact a single trusted project manager. They bear the responsibility of the client’s project and respond proactively to make it a success. Or, put another way: “SLAs are something between companies, feeling responsible is something for people.   

This series of workshops was organised by Sirris and Agoria as a part of the Nebucom project. With this project Sirris, Agoria, LSEC and iMinds helps software companies in Belgium explore the opportunities of IaaS.