Focus on topical theme for the presentations at BIL/NIL Welding Symposium

The 11th 2-day Dutch-language Welding Symposium will take place at the 'Stuurboord Antwerpen' on 24 and 25 November 2015. Together with their colleagues from the Netherlands Welding Institute, the Belgian Welding Institute takes pleasure in inviting you to participate in the Symposium.

Would you like to make a presentation on the theme of 'claims', 'standards', 'welding processes', or 'NDT techniques'? If the answer is yes, please send your proposal before 1 May 2015

Send the presentation title and a summary not exceeding 200 words by email to The papers for presentation will be selected by the Scientific Committee at BIL in consultation with NIL. 

Would you like to join? Click here for further information!