Flam invests in sustainable design and design processes

duurzaam, eco-efficiënt

Eco-efficient innovation according to the rules of art has not proved to be a sinecure for hearth and stove specialist Flam. Since the company did not have the necessary in-house expertise, it sought and found this in the extensive network of Sirris and Agoria.

Based in Sint-Truiden, Flam has been designing, manufacturing and selling fireplaces and stoves using different fuels for more than 80 years. In the past it was mainly about coal but for years now the focus has been on gas and coal. Many products have been renewed and are innovative, such as the unique CombiFlam system that also allows gas fireplaces to be installed in apartment buildings. 

Proactive mindset

The company is always looking for ways to further innovate and to design products that combine cosiness for the user with energy efficiency, this with ever-lower emissions. In order to respond more quickly to changing regulations and market requirements in terms of these emissions, the company was looking for additional top expertise in combustion processes and analysis techniques. However, identifying the most suitable experts for its specific requirements is a difficult task for an SME.

The company succeeded in finding these experts via the 'Eco-compliance as a competitive weapon' project (with support from Vlaio). Using the extensive network of Sirris and Agoria has led to it identifying a suitable research centre. This expansion of the Flam network now makes it possible to create both short-term and long-term partnerships. In addition, the new collaboration ensures that the company can build additional knowledge and is thus less dependent on its current external partners.  

For example Flam will be able to design and validate innovative products faster than previously, in accordance with the strictest standards. 

The power of Eco-compliance

Any innovation, in the broad sense of the word, can rely on the expertise built up within the Eco-compliance project. Companies can call on extensive experience in order to identify the innovation needs, in-depth knowledge of regulatory frameworks at the Flemish, national and European level and finally in the very large network that this project provides, for the purpose of finding the right specialists, who contribute to opening up the innovation.