First one-armed Sawyer cobot arrives in Benelux


As from today, Sirris will be able to call on the services of a brand new cobot in its Smart & Digital Factory Lab in Kortrijk. Sawyer’s arrival means that businesses can now make more and better use of the extensive expertise and unique infrastructure that Sirris offers them. Companies can now familiarise themselves with this technology, develop and test applications, and evaluate its feasibility for specific challenges. 

Sawyer is a one-armed robot developed by Rethink Robots, whose famous predecessor ‘Baxter’ was previously put through its paces by Sirris. Sawyer is also CE-approved, so suitable for use in industrial production. Amongst other things, the flexible, interactive cobot has been designed to load machines, test circuit boards, carry out assembly work and to perform other intricate tasks within a high-mix, low-volume setting. These are tasks which previously proved difficult to automate using conventional industrial robots. 

Responding to changing environments

The vast majority of production activities are not conducive to automation in the conventional manner, mainly due to client-specific products produced in small runs. The deployment of extra manpower or outsourcing of work are not always a viable option, not least because production today demands speed and flexibility. Many companies are on the look-out for cost-efficient ways of meeting the rapidly changing demands of their customers. Sawyer aims to respond to these needs. The cobot has been developed so that it can quickly adapt to a changing production environment and is agile enough to quickly change application and to carry out tasks in the same way as humans. 

Try before you buy

The new progeny is to be deployed in a democell in the Smart & Digital Factory Lab to work alongside an operator and to perform assembly work. In this setting, use is made of an integrated vision and power sensitivity. 

Sawyer’s appearance on the scene means that Sirris is now able to expand its range of collaborative robots, which also includes the UR3 and the UR10 from Universal Robots and an LBR Ilwa 14 from Kuka. Weighing in at 19 kilos, with 7 degrees of freedom and a reach of 1,260 mm, the new cobot can be used in confined spaces and for various production cell set-ups designed for humans. Thanks to its power-sensitive movement control, Sawyer has the necessary feeling with machines and set-ups, even when the position of work pieces changes. The result is not only a unique, adaptive repeatability, but Sawyer is also able to work efficiently in a less structured setting, even on tasks which require 0.1 mm tolerance. Sawyer has its own embedded vision system, consisting of a camera in its head and a Cognex camera in its wrist. Like its older brother Baxter, it can be programmed intuitively. 

Cobots on the rise

In POM West-Vlaanderen, Sirris found an (industry-)driven partner with whom to develop the Smart & Digital Factory Lab in Kortrijk. Since March 2016, the Lab has welcomed over 500 visitors. Sirris has carried out feasibility studies for dozens of businesses and introduced many of these to the world cobots via our special training programme, Meet the Cobots

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Technical specifications for Sawyer: 

The type of operations that Sawyer is able to carry out in our demonstrator 2.0:


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