First aid for building smart connected products

There is no longer any doubt about the rise of internet-of-things applications and smart connected products. But how can companies use this evolution to create value? Sirris and Agoria set up an initiative to help out. A first interactive event will take place on 16 November.

By adding sensors, intelligent (local processors, algorithms, data analysis) and connectivity (with other appliances, with the internet) to a product, a whole range of new, fascinating options is revealed. If you want to make a smart and connected product today, you can use many available building blocks (electronics and ICT technology) which can be integrated at a limited cost and development time.

For product builders this is a time of new possibilities, but also of new questions, including:

  • What can smart technology mean for my offer towards customers? What value, which new source of income, can I derive from it?

  • Which technology do I need for this purpose? What does this mean for my product? How can I make the right choices?

  • How do I start concretely?  

Wat Slim! (How Smart!)

With the Wat Slim! (How Smart!) initiative, Sirris and Agoria support product builders who take a step towards smart connected products. By means of cases and testimonials, a technology guard and individual assistance they will support companies to check the potential of smart technology for their products and start using the current technology offer successfully.

The kick-off event takes place on 16 November. With this interactive seminar Sirris and Agoria want to go into these questions in more detail together with product builders and thus concretise the topic of smart connected products. Based on the feedback given by participants subsequent workshops are set up which go into specific topics in more detail.

Do you want more information about the initiative or do you have ideas you want to share? More information about the kick-off event can be found in our agenda.