Finding resources in a large ecosystem

Google is looking differently at the patent landscape to take advantage of others' inventiveness.

Google wants to bolster its patent portfolio by going directly to inventors. The firm is trying out a new model : last April/May, it launched a program called Patent Purchase Promotion to facilitate the sale of patents.  

Since then, Google has been examining the technical interest of the proposals and prices offered. The firm was undertaking to purchase the patent from its owner where the conclusion was positive. 

The entire process has now ended. Google received many more proposals than expected. 28% of them were regarded as relevant. The average price was $150,000. Half the inventions were offered at less than $100,000. Several submissions were offered at more than $1 billion, including one at $3.5 billion.

The lowest price payed by Google was $3000 and the highest $250,000. One quarter of the patents were proposed by individuals, three quarters by companies (including 25% brokers). 

Google reckons to have learnt a lot from this experience which it will pass on to others. 


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