Fast-forwarding PVC fabrics' life cycle helps with determining coatings' durability

Sirris conducted accelerated aging tests to map the longevity of Veldeman Structure Solutions' PVC-coated fabrics.

Veldeman Structure Solutions has been developing, manufacturing, selling and renting out a wide range of aluminum and steel fabric structures for over 45 years now. This family business, based in Bree, provides these in various shapes and sizes, ranging from modest party tents to large temporary halls. Veldeman contacted Sirris to learn more about the durability of its PVC-coated fabrics.

Sirris used the QUV tester to conduct accelerated ageing tests, and various weather conditions were repeatedly simulated and the sails were tested for their response. 

Veldeman can choose from two types of coating as an additional protective layer for PVC fabrics, but the Limburg-based company had no idea whether they would stand the test of time. Does the color of the PVC-coated fabrics fade with time? Do they have cracks after prolonged exposure to sunlight or other weather conditions? And which of the two types of coating offers the best protection from the elements? These were the questions the company had for Sirris's Smart Coating team.

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You will find this success story and many others in the Sirris annual report of 2016.