Factory of the Future Awards Keynote all about ‘PRET’

The programme for the Factory of the Future Awards is becoming increasingly specific, and the keynote speaker is now known. Pascal Bos of the Dutch company JAZO Zevenaar is to discuss this production company's strong, human-centred approach, known as ‘PRET’.

JAZO Zevenaar bv is a metal-processing company specialising in developing and producing high-quality doors, gratings and fronts for transformer stations, among other things. JAZO furthermore develops products on request, such as machinery housing, solar-panel set-ups and switch boxes.

The Engineering department had to contend with hours consistently being exceeded, and to resolve this a strategy was devised with the focus on company culture, in order to achieve the desired results. When strategy and culture clash, company culture takes priority. The key word with this approach is ‘PRET’ (Positive, Respect, Enthusiasm, Teamwork). Behaviour following PRET results in enjoyment, output, energy and satisfaction, meaning everyone is happy. 

If you would like to hear the PRET success story first hand, and at the same time also find out which Belgian companies are at least as busy, come along to the second presentation of the Factory of the Future Awards. 

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