Factory of the Future Awards 2017: nominate your company

Has your company achieved breakthroughs within the seven Made Different paths, thereby consolidating your competitive position at home or abroad? If so, why not put your name forward for the Factory of the Future Awards 2017? 

The Factory of the Future Awards will be presented for the third time on 2 February 2017. If your company has worked hard to achieve Made Different transformations in recent years, you could be in with a chance. And don’t forget: a Factory of the Future Award opens a lot of doors.  

A made-to-measure action plan

With the Made Different action plan, Sirris and Agoria aim to strengthen manufacturing companies and transform them into Factories of the Future. By taking part in the Factory of the Future Awards you will receive: 

  • an in-depth analysis of your company across the seven transformations, carried out by both external and Sirris/Agoria experts and professionals in the field
  • a detailed report containing an overview of your strengths and growth opportunities
  • support throughout an assessment process that has built up a track record of credibility over two successful years.

One Award, many benefits

An independent jury of experts will decide whether you qualify for a Factory of the Future Award based on a thorough audit of your company and your ‘self-assessment scan’. A Factory of the Future Award has undeniable benefits for your business: 

  • Your company will enjoy maximum exposure both during the awards ceremony on 2 February 2017 and in a variety of professional media before and after the event.
  • You get to call yourself a Factory of the Future for the next three years.
  • As a Factory of the Future, you enhance your employer branding and hence your chances of attracting high-tech employees faster.
  • You become a member of a Learning Network made up of all previous Factory of the Future winners.
  • It raises your company’s profile within your business, sector or group, resulting in enhanced business opportunities.    

Factory of the Future Awards: how to enter?  

To nominate your company, simply email awards@madedifferent.be by 15 September 2016. We will get back to you with the necessary information. More details of the timing, process and criteria can be found on the Made Different website.  

Check out last year’s winners for inspiration!