Experience World Class Manufacturing in practice in Japan

The EU-Japan Centre is once again organising a 5-day intensive course that is going to take place on 26 to 30 June for European senior managers with a technical background who are familiar with World Class Manufacturing. The programme consists of various lectures and a visit to a number of leading Japanese companies.

The trip is aimed at giving the participants a thorough understanding of Japanese production methods, such as TQC (total quality control), TQM (total quality management), TPM (total productive maintenance), JIT (just in time), TIE (total industrial engineering) and also the current Kaizen approach for making continuous improvements.

By way of lectures, workshops and company visits to the world’s most advanced manufacturing companies in Japan, people will be able to see for themselves how Japanese companies are successful thanks to the application of World Class Manufacturing principles applied to production, costs, quality management and lean thinking. The participants will acquire knowledge on the ‘gemba’ (shop floor) by way of direct meetings with production managers and also by observing the effective implementation of manufacturing methods.

This study delegation is aimed at European managers, leaders and other positions that involve decision-making and strategic planning throughout all sectors of industry. Further information about the trip, the stipulations and registration is available here. If you want to participate, please register before 23 March.

Since its inception in 1992, more than 700 company leaders and managers from throughout the EU have participated in this practical training programme. Sirris took part in one of the previous study trips and posted a number of blog posts about their experiences (in French and Dutch):

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World Class Manufacturing au Japon - comment Toyota considère l’Industrie  4.0

World Class Manufacturing au Japon - une production centrée sur l’humain chez AVEX

World Class Manufacturing au Japon - quelques conclusions (surprenantes)

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