Expanded possibilities for metal additive manufacturing

Sirris has invested in a new Laser Beam Melting machine which provides better quality control of printed metal parts.

Sirris has just acquired a new Laser Beam Melting machine. The Seraing HQ already has an SLM 250 printer: it has now installed an SLM 280. The thermal monitoring integrated in the laser system of this equipment will allow better control of the quality of printed parts and the acquisition of data required for simulating and understanding the process.

A large range of metals can be implemented according to the needs of industrials, but as part of the Iawatha projects, the new machine will be dedicated more to printing aluminium while the SLM 250 will rather print titanium.

It is already the third generation of metal printing machines by laser melting to enter Sirris. The acquisition of a fourth is already being examined. It will have a much greater work volume and constitute an extra step towards the industrialisation of additive manufacturing.

Remember also that the Sirris site at Diepenbeek has a Concept Laser machine which is above all dedicated to printing tool steel.

The characteristics of the new additive manufacturing machine SLM 280:
Double laser: 1kW + 400W
Capacity: 280 x 280 x 365mm
Meltpool monitoring
Power monitoring
Layer Control System
Manual filtering station
Vacuum cleaning station
Nitrogen generator
Accessories (additional reservoirs, filter change kit, integral fire detection and extinguishing system, etc.)
Materials: AlSi10Mg – AlSi7Mg – TiAl6V4 – Stainless steel – Tool steel – Inconel – etc.
Particle size: 20-63µm or 10-45µm

See also: http://www.sirris.be/fr/projet-feder-iawatha (in French)