Evolar makes order picking while wearing smart glasses more comfortable and efficient

Using smart glasses and Evolar’s software, order pickers can scan codes on goods, simply by looking at them.

Ghent-based Evolar develops technology for wearable, hands-free applications in logistics. Its ‘Smartpick’ application, for example, enables more efficient order picking, while ‘Smartsort’ speeds up the sorting process for small packages. Using smart glasses and Evolar’s software, order pickers can scan codes on goods by looking at them. They are then shown specific tasks in the corner of their vision so they know exactly what has to be done with each item. No more paper checklists and handheld scanners.

Points for improvement

The hardware – the wearing system for attaching the smart glasses to the order picker – was ergonomically not as comfortable or effective as it could have been. In the past, order pickers using the Evolar software could opt for either spectacle frames or a headset, but both options has their disadvantages. Evolar therefore decided to look for a new wearing system, one that was both more ergonomic and faster to put on. After all, in the distribution sector, every minute counts. Evolar therefore sought advice from Sirris.

Working with Evolar, Sirris examined which wearing systems and smart glasses would be suitable for the new design.

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