Everything you want to know about AM on a single website page

additive manufacturing, AM

Additive manufacturing is a rapidly evolving technology offering increasing opportunities and areas of application. Companies are always curious to know whether they also can deploy the latest technologies. Sirris has launched a specific overview on its website for telling beginners all about AM.

This new website page contains everything a company needs to know in order to form an initial impression about the opportunities presented by AM, either simply out of interest, or in preparation for participating in one of our masterclasses.

On the web page, which will be constantly expanded and updated, we deal concisely with all the aspects and activities of AM covering a range of different topics. Do you want to know what a specific abbreviation means? Would you like to know more about the various benefits of additive manufacturing in comparison with other technologies? Or are you looking for inspiration from specific case studies? You’ll certainly find what you’re looking for on our latest website page!

Curious? Take a look now!