European Pressure Equipment Research Council visits the Bureau for Standardisation (NBN)

The annual meeting of the European Pressure Equipment Research Council (EPERC) into pressure equipment takes place on 27 and 28 January at the Bureau for Standardisation in Brussels. A technical forum about in-service testing has been arranged for the first day and the second day has been reserved for the general meeting and presentations about the future of pressure equipment in Europe.

The technical forum on 27 January with the theme of, 'Alternatives to in-service pressure testing of components in ageing power & process plants', includes nine lectures and a panel discussion. This is followed by open meetings for the 'Ultra super critical power plants' and 'Fatigue' work groups.

The general meeting takes place on 28 January (entry for both members and non-members), which is preceded by two lectures about European research into pressure vessels and the status of European standards EN13445 and 13480.

English is spoken throughout the two day event. Further information and registration details can be found on the EPERC website.