Eurautomat ensures it's game over for electrostatic discharge in gaming machines

Eurautomat wanted to find an antistatic coating to eliminate electrostatic discharges in its gaming machines, teaming up with Sirris for this purpose.

Eurautomat has been developing and manufacturing gambling and games machines ranging from pinball to slot machines, as well as the associated automation systems, for the Belgian market since the 1970s. Electrostatic discharges can stop the electronics in these machines working properly and so mess up a game. To eliminate electrostatic discharges in games machines, Aalst-based Eurautomat was looking out for a permanent antistatic coating to treat the playing surface and called in Sirris to put paid to this problem.

The Sirris team investigated which coatings met all requirements in terms of transparency, gloss, roughness, and durability. This research revealed two types: one based on polymers, and the other on conductive oxides. We then optimised these coating products, so that they could be applied with a spray and would adhere to the playing surface of the gaming machines. Finally, we subjected some coated surfaces to extensive testing in our analysis laboratory.

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You will find this success story and many others in the Sirris annual report of 2016.