Establishment of a nanomaterials register

The potential impact on health and the environment from manufactured nanoparticles has prompted the legislature to enact a Royal Decree concerning nanoparticles. The Royal Decree permits a national register for nanomaterials to be set up.

All substances that come under the Royal Decree - i.e. from a quantity of 100 grams manufactured in Belgium, or sold on the Belgian market for professional use - must be registered before 1 January 2016, and the mixtures before 1 January 2017.

When registering, the manufacturer must provide a number of details that are listed in the Appendices attached to the Royal Decree. The details include a characterization of the substances and mixtures. Sirris assists companies to draw up the characterization.

For the definition of these nanomaterials, Belgium has chosen that given by the European Commission:

"Nanomaterials are defined as a natural, incidental or manufactured materials containing particles, either in an unbound state, or as an aggregate or an agglomerate and where at least 50% of the particles in the quantified size distribution have one or more external dimensions in a dimensional range between 1 nm and 100 nm".

The Sirris characterization laboratory can carry out measurements from the following table: