Environmentally friendly water-repellent finish for technical textiles

Did you know that an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient but just as effective alternative to existing products based on C8 chemicals will soon be available? In her presentation entitled 'Environmentally friendly and Durable Oil- and Water-Repellent Finish on Technical Textiles', Ilse Garez from Hogeschool Gent will talk about the development of this new generation of coatings which make materials water-repellent and fat-repellent.

In the current market, technical fabrics by well-known brands, including protective textiles, are coated using perfluorocarbons (PFCs), which give them highly durable oil-repellent and water-repellent properties. However, these products are harmful to health and the environment. Consequently, these chemicals based on PFOS and PFOAS - known as C8 chemicals - are under pressure from legislation. The aim of this legislation is to replace them with C6 or C4 chemicals, however these products provide lower performance in terms of durability and resistance. 

This is why there is a great demand for equivalent high-performance alternatives to C8 products. The European project TEX-SHIELD focuses on developing an innovative multifunctional molecular structure based on silica which enables chemical bonding with fibres, in order to obtain a very durable textile finish which is thus organically resistant to oil, fat and powder stains. Suitable deposition techniques are also being evaluated. 

This presentation is on the programme of the first Smart Coating Application Lab roadshow, which starts on 16 October. You can find out more here.