Energy-friendly curing techniques for coatings

In coating industry, there is an evolution for more sustainable, more efficient and faster technologies. The fourth workshop of the cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’, which Sirris is part of, focusses on radiation curing techniques as ultraviolet (UV and UV-LED) curing and electron beam (EB) curing.

The radiation of specially developed (‘UV-curable’ or ‘EB-curable’) coatings results in a chemical reaction and instant curing. Compared to coatings that cure by solvent evaporation, these are energy-friendly techniques with almost no emissions.

The event we are organising on this topic, will take place in Diepenbeek on 30 November. It aims at informing companies on these technologies and bringing together coating companies, suppliers of UV/EB curable coatings and technology suppliers.

After the morning workshop, with lectures on UV, UV-LED and EB-curing, each participating company will have the opportunity to present itself, its offers and/or needs in a 2 minute pitching session. In the afternoon, one-to-one meetings between the companies will take place.

Interested in attending? You will find further information in our agenda.

The Cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’ was started in January 2017 by Sirris, Centexbel and CoRI and has now more than 65 members. It aims at bringing together players of the whole value chain (formulators, technology providers, coaters, end users, …), to get to know each other, to start open innovation and set up cooperation. More information on this cluster can be found here.

This event is organised with the support of Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship.