Manie Conradie

Electrification of road vehicles is taking off fast and more of these lithium-ion battery-pack powered vehicles can be seen on our roads. But what to do when the battery reaches end-of-life? For 2 years, the COOCK project Re2Live investigated this and other questions. The main findings will be presented during a public closing event on 2 June.


Pieter Jan Jordaens

Even before the recent developments started to affect our energy supply, the Belgian government had decided to shift up a gear in the production of renewable energy. To this end, they are primarily considering to look at offshore wind in the Belgian North Sea. Technological innovation will play a major role and our response is the second edition of the Wind Energy Technology Summit in June.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

A series of online lectures organised by the Belgian Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, on 10 May will look into offshore wind and solar energy, and how it is reshaping the renewable energy scene. The panel discussion "Hot and Windy: on the future of our energy" will take place in this context, with the participation of Sirris.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

The analysis of the data of some 7,000 wind turbines has revealed the main problems causing downtime and, therefore, lost potential energy production when the wind turbine is out. Many of these problems can be solved or prevented.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

Belgian wind energy companies today enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. They can count on the support from OWI-Lab, the innovation and knowledge platform with researchers and engineers from Sirris, VUB and UGent, founded 10 years ago now. The cross-fertilisation between the industry and the academic world turns out to be the key to the success of our Belgian companies.

Didier Garray

Sirris has developed a technique for drying oven forming of thermoplastic composite materials that saves nearly 60% in energy consumption.

Bart Teerlinck

A new pan-European project, the Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN), which aims to accelerate the development of the ocean energy sector was launched in Ireland last month. Businesses are invited to become members of the new ocean network.

Hilde Krikor

Eni, the Italian energy company, is carrying out research into the production of hydrogen from non-recyclable plastic packaging waste.

Jean-Claude Noben
Thierry Coutelier

Hannover Messe 2019, which will take place from 1 to 5 April, aims to stimulate the digital transformation of the production and energy industry and will be entirely dedicated to 'Integrated Industry - Industrial Intelligence'. The fair wants to underline the growing importance of artificial intelligence and ‘machine learning’ in the area of energy and production processes.

Jeroen Tacq

In a previous blog post we discussed how corrosion of offshore renewable energy (ORE) devices comes at a high cost. The European project NeSSIE, in which Sirris is a partner, wants to tackle the problem of corrosion in the ORE sector by creating an opportunity to demonstrate anti-corrosion solutions.