EluciDATA master course 'Data-driven innovation beyond the hype'

In the context of the EluciDATA project Sirris will hold two master course sessions on 22 and 24 March. These sessions will provide you with a pragmatic and industry-oriented introduction to data-driven innovation.

While today's attention mainly goes to examples by major internet companies such as Google, Amazon or Facebook, data science might be even more relevant in other industrial domains and is definitely relevant for SMEs as well. Data innovation allows to derive new insights from experimental data, to profile products and customers, to optimise production processes, to predict failure of machines or even to build data-centred start-ups. The objective of the EluciDATA project is exactly this: to stimulate data innovation within the industry sector.

Are you interested in learning more about data innovation, in how data innovation could be a business opportunity for you and in translating your business opportunity into a technologically solvable challenge? Session 1 on data innovation as a business opportunity requires only a limited technological background and is open to anyone interested in data innovation opportunities for his/her business or domain of activity.

Do you want to focus on more technical aspects of data-driven innovation, on knowing more about popular methods and techniques to get familiar with available data, or on which data science solutions can be applied to which kind of business problems? Session 2 on choosing the right algorithm for the right task is open to everyone with a technological background, a strong affinity to analytic reasoning and interest in data analysis.

Further on, you will also have the possibility to book a third session, which will consist of an on-request on-site interactive session, in which we will work with you in order to offer you tailored advice and a tangible step forward in your specific data innovation challenges.