E.D.&A. joins knowledge and production in their own production site

Since 4 February Belgium has seven more factories of the future: Biobakkerij De Trog, E.D.&A., JTEKT Torsen Europe, Ontex, Punch Powertrain, TE Connectivity and Van Hoecke NV were granted this label as a show of appreciation for their efforts. These companies have invested in state-of-the-art production technology, digitalisation, social innovation and ecology which now makes them top-of-the-range companies. We will discuss these remarkable companies one by one.

No less than seven companies have reached the status of ‘Factory of the Future’ after an assessment period. The first company we will introduce to you is E.D.&A. (Electronics, Development & Assembling). This family business develops and produces custom-made electronic controls for machines and devices, for industrial and consumer applications. E.D.&A’s turnover increased fivefold in 12 years’ time.

Since about three years the company has its own production unit (‘insourcing’) in Kalmthout, where the company was largely automated to significantly improve quality, flexibility, costs and internal turnaround times. Teamwork is also essential, among engineers, production and testing staff, across departments, but also with companies - partners and customers - from home and abroad. This always translates into new and innovative ideas and breakthrough projects which make it possible to produce large series in Belgium also. Besides gathering knowledge in-house and automation, the focus also lies on ‘first time right’, ‘efficiency’, ‘lean product development’ and ecology. As ‘external electronics department of the customer’ E.D.&A. (Electronics, Development & Assembling) could more than multiply its turnover fivefold in 12 years time.

The details of how ED&A did this are available on the website of Made Different.

E.D.&A. as an inspiration

As a Factory of the Future E.D.&A. wants to be a host to other companies and therefore it welcomes them to come and have a look at how electronic controls are developed, tested and manufactured  in a professional and sustainable environment. Come and see for yourself! Register for one of the planned factory visits!

In the context of Made Different Sirris and Agoria are currently coaching more than 200 other companies in their transformation to a Factory of the Future. One or more transformations are ongoing at these companies as we speak. These companies operate in a wide range of industries: technological industry, food, textile, paper, pharmaceuticals, transport, chemistry, leather, furniture, medical, construction... It involves SMEs (66%) and large undertakings (34%) spread over all Flemish provinces. Sirris and Agoria estimate that about 50 companies will have acquired the ‘Factory of the Future’ label by 2018. During this period about 500 companies will be addressed and coached in realising one or more transformations (while 50 Factories of the Future excel in all seven transformations).