With the doors of the world's largest consumer electronics show closing in Las Vegas, it's worth reviewing and analysing the major trends of what the industry has in store for us in the coming months.

Worldline, European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, and major manufacturer of payment terminals, has taken action to reduce its environmental impact by reviewing its processes and products. The company worked with Sirris and Agoria to reduce both costs and eco-impact, putting a process of continuous improvement in place in line with the ambitious CSR policy of the Worldline Group (formalised in its Trust 2020 ambition programme).

Shrinking raw material stocks, rising prices ... the figures prove it all, the need for a circular economy is growing. However, this change also brings some interesting opportunities.

The ‘factory of the future’ is circular. Whether it is to reduce material costs, anticipate new legislation, respond to changing customer requirements or reduce their ecological footprint, companies will evolve towards more circular business models. The learning network Circular Economy Connect wants to help you with this and starts the second cycle.

duurzaam, eco-efficiënt

Eco-efficient innovation according to the rules of art has not proved to be a sinecure for hearth and stove specialist Flam. Since the company did not have the necessary in-house expertise, it sought and found this in the extensive network of Sirris and Agoria.

circulaire economie

A ‘factory of the future’ is circular. Whatever the motives are - reducing material costs, anticipating new laws, responding to changing customer demands, reducing the ecological footprint - in the long term companies will definitely move towards more circular business models. The learning network Circular Economy Connect is here to help you out.

Unknown makes unloved, a description all too often still applicable to composite materials, and certainly where sustainability is concerned. This is why the Sirris composite experts (SLC-Lab) and the sustainability experts have come up with white papers that go much deeper into the properties and possibilities offered by composites. These papers will help you make a well-informed choice that could make a positive effect on your activities. You can download the first white paper now, completely free-of-charge!

Proactively acting on new environmental legislation gives your manufacturing company a competitive advantage. Get started on it together with Sirris and Agoria.