An easier monitoring tool for international trademarks

WIPO is offering a new online service that is simpler and more powerful for monitoring international trademarks according to the Madrid System.

WIPO is setting up a new tool for monitoring international trademarks registered under the Madrid System, called Madrid Monitor, which is replacing the ROMARIN database. 

In a single application it gathers the functions and information currently accessible in the ROMARIN database and the WIPO Gazette of International Marks as well as the notices Madrid E-Alert and Madrid Real-Time Status. 

The intuitive search interface of Madrid Monitor provides access to all the information available in the register with a simple search, including the image base, or with an advanced search that combines filters. It is also possible to monitor an application in real time and to subscribe to an e-alert service. 

At WIPO, before filing an application, the Global Brand Database remains the ideal tool for a prior rights search. After filing, Madrid Monitor keeps you informed of any new facts about a trademark (monitoring an international registration, watching the trademarks of competitors, managing a portfolio, etc.). 

Note that from end 2017 the ROMARIN database will unavailable.