Dry application coatings protect your products

In addition to applying protective coatings with wet techniques, there are a number of dry methods for applying a coating. Patrick Cosemans of the Smart Coating Application Lab will discuss their potential during the second roadshow, which starts on 12 February.

During the presentation, the main industrial techniques, including PVD, CVD and thermal spraying, will be discussed as well as less common but still interesting niche techniques. For each technique, an overview is given of the relevant coatings and the products (substrates) that it can coat. This will let you see where the potential of these techniques lies for products that require a protective layer.

This lecture will form part of the second of a series of roadshows that the Smart Coating Application Lab has organised to bring the world of coatings to a wider audience. This second roadshow, which has the theme 'Protect your coating’, will familiarise you with the various industrially-applicable techniques that are currently available for protecting your products. You can find more information here.