The scope of the European Pressure Equipment Research Council (EPERC) is to promote discussions among all the interested parties on subjects for which the theoretical approach is not yet ready for the definition of a European standard, asking for the support of the European Commission in case research activities are deemed necessary to arrive at a reasonable solution.

To support competitiveness of the European pressure equipment (PE) industry, the European Pressure Equipment Research Council (EPERC) launches its first International Conference on 'Pressure Equipment Innovation and Safety'. This conference will take place in Rome, 1-3 April.

Do you want to be informed of the latest developments in the regulation and standardisation of pressure equipment? In collaboration with the Italian Sant'Ambrogio Servizi Industriali and the Belgian LVDV, Sirris and Agoria are organising a two-day masterclass on the status of the European legislation and standardisation for pressure equipment.

It goes without saying that as a manufacturer, importer or distributor you have to fully understand the implications connected with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU. Application of this Directive is not always obvious in practice when used with the harmonised EN 13445 standard for guidance. Therefore for a number of years now Sirris has offered training courses, which since recently can be customised to suit your company’s requirements. Here’s a brief explanation of the possibilities available by way of an interesting case study.

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Do you sell, manufacture or import products that can have an internal pressure exceeding 0.5 bar? It is possible that these products must comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive. With one of their customised training courses, Sirris can explain the practical consequences for your company.

From 20 April 2016 all manufacturers of simple pressure vessels must comply with the regulations contained in the latest Royal Decree. According to the European Commission, compliance with this legislation should be less expensive for SMEs. The Royal Decree is a transposition of a European directive.