Dovre wins award for environmentally friendly stove

With its ZEN wood stove, Belgium's Dovre demonstrates that the heating industry is able to come up with beautiful, environmentally friendly products with a high return and low release of particulates. Both the product and the production process received the approval of the Norwegian jury of the Bioenergy Innovation Centre at the Bioenergy Innovation Award 2015.

Dovre won its award for developing its wood stove for low-energy buildings and the ZEN's new, unique combustion chamber.

The stove's innovative technology is one step ahead of the official requirements in environmental regulations. When developing the environmentally friendly ZEN stove, not only was the device's ecological aspect considered, but more straightforward manufacturability and mountability were also major priorities, with an optimal size for the forming machine thus being taken into account. This immediately determines the cost price per component. Easier and more rapid mountability was also examined, with the device for instance consisting of symmetrical parts, so that both devices with front glass and a version with an opening can be produced from the same components. Full use was furthermore made of the possibilities offered by casting, since this allows for a great deal of functionalities in a component, meaning extra components are not required.