Is the door of your company open to circular economy?

A tendency is emerging of companies which reject our disposable lifestyle and are in favour of a more circular economy. Sirris fully supports this tendency with all kinds of supporting actions for the industry.

Sirris receives an increasing number of questions from companies that “want to do something” to reduce their waste output, make their products greener, set up a more controllable local supply chain, reduce their ecological footstep ... Many large and small companies not only see the necessity to do so, but also want to implement concrete measures.

Even though the thought is often well-intended, there seem to be a whole lot of arguments to postpone taking concrete action. Several factors play a role. One of the factors is the lack of a broad support in companies which can help the potential of circular energy to surface in organisations like yours.

However, you can help broaden this support and Sirris will support companies in the technology industry: for example, by means of publications and events we want to offer the necessary support to achieve broader support. Read, share and discuss it with your colleagues, and clear the way for concrete actions!

In partnership with Agoria Sirris drew up a whitepaper Circular Economy, which includes several inspiring cases and testimonies, taken from real life.

On 21 November the Circular Economy Day Belgium will take place. Under the title ‘REcharge your business’ several Belgian and international top experts and policy makers will take the floor. For everyone who wants to seek out ideas to make his business ready for the circular future, this event is not to be missed.           

Also follow the blogs we write based on our findings about the first standard for the circular economy in organisations (BS8001:2017), complemented with our experiences in the companies we support.

Are you looking to find the way to a circular economy for your company? Contact us to explore the most suitable paths together.

This blog was written in the context of the project ‘Eco-compliance as competitive weapon’, conducted by Sirris and Agoria, with the support of VLAIO.