Don’t throw away good money, manage your own waste flows

Manage the waste and surplus material flows in your own manufacturing company, because it can produce money. It’s done by reducing the size of waste heaps and reselling surplus materials, or indeed making better use of them. During our seminar on 26 October, Sirris and Agoria will be demonstrating the best ways of doing this.

It is advisable to make a detailed analysis of the waste materials you want to process yourself. By collecting information it will soon be clear where waste arises, as well as how to avoid it, and how to recycle it, and also which process steps are needed to consolidate the flows and save on costs.

Recovering raw materials

In addition to waste, your manufacturing company probably also has additional flows of raw materials that are wasted. These can be resold, although never at the price originally paid. It is therefore better to use your raw materials more efficiently, so that less is required at the start.

You should first work out the quantity of raw materials needed per production unit and the factors that influence this: the product design, the purchasing method, the complexity of the product portfolio, intermediate storage, production processes, etc. This allows you to work out where and how wastage can be limited.

How do you implement it?

We will give all the details on this during the seminar that we are organising on 26 October together with Agoria. We will tell about how to avoid waste and material residues, what the costs are, and how to recover the most from your waste flows.

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Choose proactive eco-compliance, and stay ahead!

By doing so, manufacturing companies can quickly comply with the latest environmental regulations that affect their products and production processes. And often before the new regulations come into force. This means avoiding loss of market share, high adaptation costs, extended production cycles for your products, as well as improved company image, etc.

But don’t forget: environmental regulations are becoming stricter and more complex. Therefore the risk of having blind spots and products that do not conform is also becoming greater. In order to help you comply with new regulations and standards on time, we are working together with Agoria on a new offer.

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(Source picture above: Paul Bulteel, book cycle & recycle)