Discovering Walloon innovations

Sirris is active in the development of new products for companies and startups.

At the initiative of Innovatech, 61 Walloon entrepreneurs came together on Thursday 5 October 2017 to present their innovative products/services to the public. More than 600 visitors were registered for this evening event, the audience comprising companies, investors and support structures. 

Sirris more or less intervened in the development of eight of these products, with an involvement from giving advice to the complete finalising of the product. 

Health :

  • An isotopes generator for cancer diagnosis 
    IRE Elit SA 

  • 3D printed bones
    Cerhum SA 


  • A cork tray for presenting your dishes at the ideal temperature 


  • An ecological and hygienic urinal 

  • A sensor for analysing water quality 
    Aquatic Science SA 


  • Remote control of mini-camera images
    CyanView SA 

Everyday objects

  • A universal folder holder
    Yaka Company sprl 

  • Titanium wedding rings printed in 3D

You can find these innovations at