Discover the many possibilities of micro injection moulding

Micro injection moulding has become the standard process for mass production of micro components. It enables you to produce components with unique features, such as micro channels or surface patterning. Micro injection moulding also happens to be one of the technologies the Sirris Microfabrication AppLication Lab (SMALL-Lab) is specialising in.

The possibilities with micro injection moulding are almost endless, from ultra-precise surface and bulk microfabrication, from clear room to mass production, from 1 mm to 1 µm, ... Thanks to its dedicated equipment the SMALL-Lab is able to support companies of different industries with various applications, such as micro channels, sensors, surface patterning or functionalization for micro-fluidics, micro-optics, electronics, biotechnology, anti-counterfeiting,  traceability, ...

Curious to know more about the possibilities of this innovative technology? On 30 September 2015, Hi-Micro and Change2Micro are organising the joint workshop 'Revolutionary technologies in micro injection moulding', to give you an insight into the state-of-the-art in micro injection moulding at various knowledge centres in Europe. In addition, the achievements obtained in these two recent projects will be highlighted.

Interested? You can find further information on the workshop in our agenda!