Digital technology trends on show at WebTomorrow

Bloovi, the platform for the players in the digital world, is organising an international top event on March 10, 2015: WebTomorrow. Twenty national and international speakers will go to Ghent to share their vision of pioneering digital trends, new web technologies, (web) entrepreneurship and digital culture. Both start-ups and the old guard are on the agenda. Omar Mohout, Growth Engineer at Sirris, will also be giving a lecture.

WebTomorrow offers inspiration by way of visionary lectures and valuable insights. The digital experts will show where the growth opportunities lie and answer questions such as:

  • Which web technologies will conquer 2015?
  • What is the future of the Internet?
  • What are the most important digital trends?
  • What about our privacy and whistleblowers?
  • How can you make you and your business stronger?
  • Where are your individual opportunities and how do you deal with them? 

Various speakers from home and abroad are expected, including the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Agenda Alexander De Croo and Omar Mohout from Sirris, who will talk about hyper-scalable startups. Omar has over a short period built up unique expertise in scalable business models. Startups are naturally hyper-scalable. They go global or die on the spot. They serve millions of users all over the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And do this with a very small team. How do they do that? What leverage do they have? And what does it take for a company to become hyper-scalable in a digital world?

Who is this for? Anyone and everyone with a passion for the Internet and people looking for the latest digital trends should be at WebTomorrow. From marketing and communications experts to CEOs, managers, digital strategists, web entrepreneurs, startups and their employees, futurists and trend watchers, ... The organization expects about 700 professionals. Networking and interesting discussions on the latest digital technology trends and insights are assured! 

Like to know more? All the information about this event can be found here!