Pascal Pollet

Until recently, the world record for developing a vaccine was the mumps vaccine, which was developed in four years. We now know that it can be done much faster. In mid-January 2020, BioNtech launched the 'Lightspeed' project. This project resulted in the first corona vaccine receiving approval in early December 2020. How did this happen and what can companies in the industry learn from it?

Pieter Beyl

Everyone sees the evolution towards more digital technology in products to make them 'smarter'. But how do you successfully engage with this as a company? Let us inspire you with the Shayp story!

Pieter Beyl

Everyone can notice the evolution towards more digital technology in products to make them 'smarter'. But how do you go about doing this successfully as a company? Let us inspire you with the Gilbos story!

Pieter Beyl

More and more product builders are focusing on smart products and IoT. However, many companies still get stuck with their ideas in the many possibilities and uncertainties. To help companies do this, we are building support tools and guidance to get to a stronger, smart product idea faster. Find out more during a webinar on 7 February.

Marie-France Rousseau

The end of 2021 is in sight, the ideal time to thank you for your trust in the past year and to look forward to what the future brings. We have a lot in store for you and would like to give you a hint here.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

The analysis of the data of some 7,000 wind turbines has revealed the main problems causing downtime and, therefore, lost potential energy production when the wind turbine is out. Many of these problems can be solved or prevented.

Anna Hristoskova
Nicolás González-Deleito
Annanda Rath

Smart connected products enable us to optimise operations & maintenance, ensure safety, reduce cost, make a more sustainable use of natural resources, etc. By design, smart connected products evolve more rapidly than their traditional counterparts. Your company too can benefit from the smartification of your product offer, with a little help from Sirris.

Nick Boucart

Today is all about digital transformation, serving customers through apps and websites, or capturing all kinds of data through sensors and doing great things with it. All that information and the success stories obviously make people dream about how that would work in their own context.


Mark Van Pee

Everyone is talking about digitisation these days, but what does it actually imply for your production? We immerse ourselves in the subject and help you make a tangible difference to your business and your customer with digitisation.

Pieter Beyl
Thierry Coutelier

Technological product innovation can be a way of staying one step ahead of the competition. But only if it is based on a clear and well-considered vision. That vision does not necessarily have to lead to the development of smart products. But companies should not hesitate to ask themselves how smart products might transform their business and benefit their customers.