A new book 'Hyperscale and Microcare, The Digital Business Cookbook', will explore what it takes to build winning software products today. It will focus on the idea that one should stop building software, and build digital services instead, effectively combining hyperscale with microcare: the ability to establish an intimate relationship with each and every of your thousands of users.

Fast growth demands proper supervision. This is certainly the case for scale-ups and their founder teams. Digital growth enterprises can benefit from support from a Board of Directors or an Advisory Board.

The industry is clearly booming now. The biggest problem is no longer reducing costs, but getting the flow of orders delivered on time. Quick response manufacturing (QRM) is a growth strategy for companies that want to stand out with short lead times. The QRM World Conference in Eindhoven (19-21 June) is a unique opportunity to learn all about it.

On 5 December Sirris and Agoria launched the Digital Journey Tracker, a practical tool to help businesses find their way in the maze of digitisation. The minister of Work, Economy, Innovation and Sports, Philippe Muyters, attended the launch.

Early November the third support group of ten scale-ups started a Scaleup.vlaanderen assessment process for innovative digital companies with a proven business model, which are on the eve of a growth acceleration.

The 1970s brought us the mainframe, the 1980s the PC, the 1990s the Internet, the Millennium the social/mobile Web - albeit a potentially arguable evolution - and the 2010s introduced us to the bitcoin and the blockchain. What exactly is the blockchain? And how come, despite its enormous potential, its industrial adoption (in Belgium) is lagging behind?

Data is present all around us nowadays. These data is invaluable for a company. More people and more machines constantly generate larger amounts of data and technologies for storage, analysis and knowledge processing are freely available and evolve quickly. Money can be made and saved by collecting, accumulating, analysing, using and (re)selling of data.

flexibele automatisering

The 2017 edition of Motek, one of the key trade fairs for the automation of production and assembly, could once again count on significant interest and thousands of visitors. Sirris travelled to Stuttgart to take a look for the Belgian industry.

Can you still see the wood for the trees when it comes to digital transformation? Sirris and Agoria built a Digital Journey Tracker together to help your business get on the right track. Discover what this tool can mean to you on 5 December.

slimme assemblagelijn

Our new pilot line for cost-efficient small series production officially started On 18 October. We had an overwhelming turnout at the inauguration: a total of more than 200 people from the industry came to our Smart & Digital Factory in Kortrijk. This proves that what Sirris is offering is perfectly in line with the needs of our technological companies.