DiBO designs energy-efficient hybrid high-pressure cleaner

DiBO was looking for energy savings and ecological improvements for a line of industrial high-pressure cleaners. Together with Sirris the company developed a new, more ecological hybrid high-pressure cleaner.

For over 35 years, Arendonk-based DiBO has been designing and manufacturing an extensive range of high-pressure cleaners, industrial cleaning units, vehicle washing systems, and high-pressure units. The company has a manufacturing plant in Belgium and sales and service branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

DiBO is paying increasing attention to ecological aspects when developing new machinery. For customers, this means a longer lifetime for their cleaning units, the possibility of using green energy, energy efficiency, and reduced emissions. A new hybrid high-pressure cleaner would meet these needs.

Redesign of heating system

The DiBO high-pressure cleaners use diesel-based oil burners to heat up the water they need. However, the machinery manufacturer, in its desire to use green electric energy and reduce emissions, was very much on the lookout for an electric hybrid variant of this heating system. Sirris along with KU Leuven was glad to play its part in the groundbreaking overhaul of the entire burner system this involved.

The Sirris team worked with DiBO on devising the technological innovation plan and provided conceptual-engineering support. Sirris helped to draw up an innovation plan for a hybrid cleaner, examined areas for improvement, and put forward ideas for solutions.

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You will find this success story and many others in the Sirris annual report of 2016.