Develop applications quickly and inexpensively with open source hardware

Recent developments in electronics platforms, such as Single Board Computers, do not require detailed knowledge in this area, which means that the entrance barrier is lower, and that the many advantages are also within reach for companies with limited R&D capacity. Together with Innovatiecentrum Limburg, Sirris is organising a breakfast session which will present the possibilities offered by these technologies, based on working examples.

In recent years, developments in open source electronics platforms (for example Single Board Computers) have really taken off, creating particularly interesting opportunities, also for companies with limited R&D capacity. There is now a plethora of well-known (like Raspberry pi and Arduino) and less-known platforms, and large communities have grown up around them.

In order to develop on these platforms, no detailed knowledge is required of electronics development and everything related to it. This means that the entrance barrier is much lower. There are any number of advantages: the possibility to develop applications more quickly and show their feasibility, lower risk, lower costs and a shorter time frame in order to demonstrate an implementation...

In order to present the possibilities via working examples, Sirris and Innovatiecentrum Limburg are organising a breakfast session at the Sirris site in Diepenbeek on 23 October at 08.00. 

Do you work in electronics, automation, telemetry solutions, vending machines or ICT? Then this session is definitely for you!.

Participation is free, but registration is required. So be quick: click here for more information and to register!