DENTSPLY Implants and Renishaw sign an agreement for 3D printing in metal

The dental implants specialist DENTSPLY Implants is to buy technology from Renishaw, a supplier of engineering technology, to develop and manufacture dental products. Renishaw will therefore cease its own development of Laser Bridge™ implant-supported structures and move to DENTSPLY Implants.

The agreement gives DENTSPLY Implants a way to further develop 3D printing in metal for custom-made medical components. By using this advanced technology from Renishaw, the company can ensure the delivery of innovative solutions in the field of dental implants, to the benefit of patients, while strengthening its position in the market.

Through this strategic collaboration with Renishaw, DENTSPLY Implants takes an enormous step forward in the technology of high-end 3D printing in metal and, with the required freedom in intellectual property in hand, can put new Belgian-manufactured products onto the market in very short order. Renishaw sees this collaboration with one of the world's largest dental implant companies as a tremendous opportunity for his team.