Demonstrator integrates AM in production line

On 14 November Sirris presents a pilot of an 'AM integrated Factory' in the machine hall in Diepenbeek. This pilot set-up of a production line combines different state-of-the-art technologies: LBM (laser beam melting), 5-axis high-precision milling, laser hardening, surface functionalization by means of a femtosecond laser and operator support by means of a cobot. A unique feat for Belgium and beyond!

With the ‘AM integrated factory’ Sirris actually brings the idea of the 'factory of the future' to the shop floor. The pilot shows that several recent breakthrough technologies can now be integrated into one production line, which makes production not only quicker and more accurate, but also promises to perform ‘first time right’. 

Pilot line with state-of-the art technologies

The installation will be used to demonstrate the production process and to develop very complex components with high added value. This is done by integrating complexity, precision and a combination of functionalities in production parts. The set-up joins Sirris’ more than 27 years of experience in additive manufacturing and its more than 50 years of experience in complex milling techniques and new technologies, such as structuring by means of the femtosecond laser. 

The pilot line that will be set up includes the AM technology laser beam melting (Concept Laser M2), five axis high precision milling (Fehlmann Versa P825) and surface functionalization with a femtosecond laser (Lasea). In addition, it will demonstrate how small automations, digital and physical integrations between the different machines, can result in higher product quality and high-quality products.
The set-up will be made available to interested companies after the presentation. 

Do you want to see live what our demonstrator is capable of? Come to the inauguration on 14 November! More info about this unique event is available in our agenda.

This event is organised within the framework of the EFRO project 1126 ‘Integratie van 3D metaalprinten’ with the support of EFRO, Vlaanderen and Provincie Limburg and in collaboration with Syntra Limburg.