Demo-box for demonstrating the tangible developments made with precision engineering

In the six white papers we published in the spring, we described a number of technologies, as well as the opportunities they presented. In order to show what this means in practice, our experts have made a demo-box consisting of a fully detailed work-piece demonstrating the issues contained in the white papers, thereby explaining clearly and practically what the precision experts at Sirris have achieved.

The work-piece in the demo-box takes the form of a metal jigsaw puzzle where each letter in the name ‘Sirris’ have been manufactured. The whole set consists of perfectly fitting pieces made from different materials, each of which had been uniquely detailed. They are used to illustrate the issue concerning, 'Guaranteeing precision throughout a complete batch'.

S: the first ‘S’ has a hollow, reflective aluminium surface applied using diamond grinding and demonstrates the details contained in the white paper titled, ‘Achieving an extremely high quality surface finish’.

I: the first ‘I’ has a functional titanium surface with hydrophobic properties achieved by way of micro-milling. This letter demonstrates what ‘Functional surfaces’ are about.

R: the first ‘R’ contains internal channels created by way of selective laser melting (SLM) and illustrates the issue of 'Precision finishing of near-net-shape (NNS) components'.

R: the second ‘R’ also used SLM, this time to obtain a gradual transition in the thickness of the material, from solid to lightweight. This also displays what had been talked about regarding 'Precision finish of near-net-shape (NNS) components’, while at the same time demonstrating the possibilities offered by 3D metal printing.

I: the second ‘I’ has a functional stainless steel surface with hydrophobic properties created by micro-milling. This is another illustration of ‘Functional surfaces’.

S: the second ‘S’ was given a spherical, reflective copper surface obtained with diamond milling. This also referred to the white paper titled, ‘Achieving an extremely high quality surface finish’. 

Finally, above the letters ‘I’ there are two inserts made from processed ceramics - the dots on the i - that help illustrate the issue of, 'Cost-effective precision processing of hard, brittle materials’. 

Would you also like to see the demo-box? Come along on 30 September to the open doors day at our Precision Manufacturing Laboratory, or visit the laboratory during Open Companies Day on 2 October. Two excellent opportunities to find out more about the infrastructure, the experts and the demonstration pieces that formed the basis of the white papers. 

Have you still not seen the precision white papers issued earlier this year? Simply request them here free-of-charge!